The Cancun Travel Guide
Mexico Time Zones currently being used
Most of Mexico is usually in the same time zone as US CST. Exceptions are the states of Chihuahua, Sonora, Sinaloa and Baja California Sur, which usually follow MST and Baja California Norte, which is usually in the same zone as US PST. Mexico moves onto Dayligh Saving Time later that the US, on the first sunday of april, and ends it earlier, on the last sunday in october. Quintana Roo is the only state of the Yucatan Peninsula that do not observe DST and do not change time at all.
cancun time Cancun is within the Quintana Roo time zone
  Region   Current time
  Baja California Norte   03:37 am
  Baja California Sur   04:37 am
  Chihuahua   04:37 am
  Sinaloa   03:37 am
  Sonora   03:37 am
  Central & Eastern   04:37 am
  Quintana Roo   05:37 am

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