Shopping in Cancun can be a wonderful experience, you can get almost anything you want. Many tourist loves to buy paintings, sculptures, pieces of art, handcrafts and other items. The problem is how to take them home when the volume and weight makes it impossible to handle as regular luggage. Here are some tips to solve this problem:
We recommend using an international parcel delivery service for those special buys that are too big to be carried on board or too fragile to go below with the suitcases. Airlines usually allow a maximum of 25 kilos (55 lbs) of luggage per person and each kilo of excess luggage cost almost US$20.00
Most courier and parcel delivery services are reliable and efficient; Federal Express, UPS, DHL, Airborne Express and Multipack, all operate in Cancun. They will pickup your item at the hotel, package it and get it to your home. Some stores provide this service at an extra cost when you purchase their merchandise.
Normal delivery times from Mexico to the US and Canada is 24 hours; shipments to other parts of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean region take 48 hours. Merchandise send to Europe and the rest of the world takes between 48 to 72 hours to arrive.
Getting your goods packaged professionally can cost US$15.00 to US$30.00 per item. You can save a little bit of money if you purchase the packing material and do the work yourself. Remember you can not send liquids, jewelry or antiques.
Always ask to the store where you purchase your items an invoice or bill (we call factura). Keep your bill of sale as the shipping company will probably need it to process your shipment. Many couriers services provide access to their internet portals from which customers can track the movements of their package to determine when and how it will arrive.
If you wish to contact any courier company by phone here is a list of the main shipping service suppliers:
Multipack - 886 9712
Fedex - 01 800 900 1100
Estafeta - 898 6002 & 898 6003
DHL - 843 6098 or 01 800 765 6345

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