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Important things you must know to travel to Cancun

We strongly suggest you to take your time to read all this useful information before you come to Cancun or any other part of Mexico.
The Government of Mexico requires that all travellers present a valid passport for entry into Mexico. Driver's permits, voter registration cards, affidavits and similar documents are not accepted, please see the information below:
Important notice for US Citizens. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative will soon require all travelers to and from the Americas, the Caribbean, and Bermuda to have a passport or other accepted form of documentation to enter or reenter the United States. The program will be rolled out in phases. The proposed timeline is as follows:
- As of January 23, 2007, ALL persons, including U.S. citizens, traveling by air between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda will be required to present a valid passport, Air NEXUS card, or U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Document.
  See which countries do not need a VISA to enter Mexico.
After proof of citizenship has been verified, you will receive a free Mexican Tourist Card, which you must keep with you at all times when in Mexico. This permit must be given to officials upon departure. If you lose your Mexican Tourist Card you can obtain a permission to leave the country from the local Immigration Office.
Make your reservations as soon as possible.  Book in advance, this enables you to get the best prices for airline tickets, airport transportation, car rental and hotel reservations. 
When you leave Mexico there is a "Departure Tax " of about $18.00 US per person but this tax is usually included in your airline ticket and you don't need to pay it again. If your are not sure please contact your airline before you leave to Cancun and ask them if the Mexican Departure Tax is already included. See the Cancun airport map page for more relevant information about traveling to Cancun. Click Here.
Do not bring to Mexico any kind of fruits, meat, poultry, ham or prepared dishes, guns and drugs. After you pass the custom you'll be stopped at a last checkpoint to verify your custom declaration and baggage revision. If you are transporting illegal items they will be confiscated by the government, eventually you can be taken to jail if you are transporting guns or drugs. If you need to take special medication based on forbidden drugs please we strongly suggest you to bring the original prescription issued by your physician and it must contain his license ID and phone numbers.
Do I need any special vaccination to enter Mexico? For visitors coming directly from the United States or Canada, no immunization certification is required to enter Mexico. If you are traveling from a country known to be infected with yellow fever, a vaccination certificate is required, when request a visa in the Mexican consulate ask the official if you need such certificate.
Health issues to travel to Mexico: | Travelling with Children | Travelling while Pregnant |
Cancun criminality index. Please see this page for further information. Click Here!
Do you want to see tips for exchanging your money when coming to Cancun? See Money Exchange Tips.
Things to Do in advance:
Arrange for pet care or boarding.
If boarding, be sure your pets have any necessary shots / vaccinations.
Arrange to have the lawn cut.
Ask a neighbor or friend to keep an eye on things and to pick up any dropped off, advertisements or leaflets, etc. left at your door or on your driveway.
Be sure that you will have enough prescription medicine. Order if required.
Planning to rent a car? Check your auto insurance to see if you're fully covered where you're going. You may not need that supplemental insurance offered by the rental company.
Buy extras you might need.
Sun Screen blocker
Entertainment for the kids or yourself during travel time.
Camera batteries.
Camera film.
Things to Do When You Are Almost Ready to Leave:
bullet Stop the mail.
bullet Stop the newspaper.
bullet Update voicemail at work with absence notification.
bullet Update e-mail at work with auto reply absence notification.
bullet Get money and/or traveler's checks. 
bullet Pay upcoming bills that can't wait.
Put destination hotel name or address in luggage. Don't put the address of your vacant home. If the luggage has a tag container that allows you to put both information we strongly suggest to do that.
bullet Remove non-essentials from wallet or purse.
Record phone numbers for reporting lost or stolen credit or debit cards and put them in a location other than your purse or wallet.
bullet Record emergency phone numbers to leave with neighbors, relatives, or pet boarding facilities.
Don't Forget to Bring:
bullet Confirmation printout of any online reservation for airline, airport transportation, car rental or hotel.
bullet Passport, driver's license or birth certificate.
bullet Prescription medicine. Be awared that not all the medicines are available in Mexico, bring an extra dose just in case.
bullet Contact lenses, lens case, and extra solutions.
bullet Extra eyeglasses or lens prescription.
bullet Umbrella or rain gear.
bullet Camera.
bullet Proof of purchase of  expensive camera equipment can avoid customs problems.
bullet Hint: Bring a bag for dirty clothes
bullet Hint: If you plan to bring back souvenirs, leave some room for them in your luggage.
As You're Leaving:
bullet Close and lock all windows
bullet Unplug small appliances (toaster, can opener, coffee maker, and TV's.)
bullet Turn off water to external faucets.
bullet Turn off water to washing machine.
bullet Did you want your A/C or heat On or Off?
bullet Turn on your house alarm system.

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