Important things you must know about crime in Cancun

Cancun is a 30 years old city, for many years it was considered one of the safest cities of all over Mexico. However due to the increase of the population over the past ten years, as many medium size cities in the world, Cancun is facing some criminality problems but this is limited to specific neighborhoods located on the boundaries of the city where there are some gangs. The police has permanent programs and campaigns to prevent criminality on those areas and the Mexico drug enforcement administration has strong presence here to help with the fight against drug smugglers and criminality.
The hotel zone and tourist places are well patrolled by the police and it is very safe to go anywhere. However like any other city in the world you have to observe some prevention behavior to avoid to be victim of a crime.
When you arrive to your hotel arrange a safe box to deposit your valuable items like cash, credit cards, checks, jewelry, passport and airline tickets. If possible run a copy of your tourist card and passport, leave the originals in the safe deposit box of your hotel and bring the copies with you at all the time while in Mexico.
When using an ATM try to locate the ones located on shopping malls or where you see a high traffic of people. Try to get the cash you need during daylight time and if you need to do that by the night it is not recommended that you go alone, have somebody to go with you, while you are inside the ATM booth the other people can wait you outside.
Avoid going to places not recommended for tourists, on every hotel you can get free tourist guides and maps where it is clearly indicated the most interesting and safest places to visit.
When going to night clubs, bars or discos if somebody offers to you any kind of drug do not accept it, drugs are illegal and forbidden, its possession is prosecuted by federal law, get away of that person immediately. If you accept drugs you could be dealing with an undercover federal agent and he/she could take you to the jail and press charges against you for federal offense.
On bars and discos never leave your drink unattended, if you need to go to the restroom finish your drink before you go.
Don't wear valuable items that might draw attention to you
When board a taxi, arrange the price first and write down the number if possible.
Don't leave your hotel with large amounts of cash, it is convenient that you carry only the necessary for the day, if have more that one credit or debit cards, leave one of them at the hotel safety deposit box.
When going to the beach don't take money, watch or wallet. If you need to do that, don't leave the items unattended. Beaches in Mexico are public and people can freely walk on the beach strip.
You probably have heard negative comments about the safety in this region but all this campaign was due to the actions taken by the federal goverment against drug smugglers but the reality is that there is no such safety problems for tourists.
Cancun remains a safe place for tourists to travel and visit."  Cancun remains the fastest growing tourism destination in the Caribbean, and according to statistics released by the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau, 95 percent of visitors to Cancun consider the destination to be very safe for tourists.
In addition, the local state of Quintana Roo has the third highest rated police force in all of Mexico and works hard to keep all visitors and residents safe on a daily basis.
If you have a problem while in Cancun report it to the Police, ask assistance to your hotel or travel agency or call the consular office of your country. To locate the contact information of the consulate of your country Click Here!.
Cancun is a beautiful and safe place to visit, enjoy it!
Article updated on Jan/1/2012

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