Cancun international airport
Money and communications: ATMs are located throughout the terminal buildings and there are bureaux de change in both terminal buildings.
Post boxes are located at Terminal 1 in the FBO building and in Terminal 2 by the main entrance. There is a bank in Terminal 2.
Eating and drinking:
The airport has a variety of fast-food outlets and restaurants in both terminals.
There are a several gift shops at the airport. Duty-free and a convenience store are available in Terminal 2.
Luggage: Lockers are available at the airport. Porters are available to help with luggage for a tip.
Airport Tips
  • Passengers traveling on domestic flights should check in at the corresponding airline desk at least 2.5 hours before their flight leaves
  • Passengers traveling on international flights should check in at the corresponding airline desk at least 3 hours before their flight leaves
  • The maximum weight that each passenger is allowed to carry on international flights is 32 kg. (70 lb.), and on domestic flights it is 25 kg. (55 lb.).
  • Do not carry large amounts of money in cash. Carry only what you need for the shopping you intend to do. Do not carry or wear valuable items that might draw attention to you
  • Do not leave your baggage and belongings unattended.
  • Attach identification labels to your baggage in clearly visible places, to avoid confusion with other similar-looking bags.
  • When check in at the airline front desk have handy your inmigration documents to enter or leave Mexico
  • When you pack your bags remember not to put any sharp or cutting objects like penknives, letter openers, nail files or clippers in your carry on luggage. Flammable liquids such as acetone, and sprays are also restricted. Putting these objects and materials in your checked luggage will help avoid any security delays.
  • There is a "Departure Tax " of about $18.00 US per person but this tax is usually included in your airline ticket and you don't need to pay it again. If your are not sure please contact your airline before you leave to Cancun and ask them if the Mexican Departure Tax is already included.
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